Tue 6 Nov 2018 15:30 - 15:52 at Solar - Bugs Chair(s): Hoan Nguyen

Programmers often consult Q&A websites such as Stack Overflow (SO) to learn new APIs. However, online code snippets are not always complete or reliable in terms of API usage. To assess online code snippets, we build a Chrome extension, ExampleCheck that detects API usage violations in SO posts using API usage patterns mined from 380K GitHub projects. It quantifies how many GitHub examples follow common API usage and illustrates how to remedy the detected violation in a given SO snippet. With ExampleCheck, programmers can easily identify the pitfalls of a given SO snippet and learn how much it deviates from common API usage patterns in GitHub. The demo video is at https://youtu.be/WOnN-wQZsH0.

Tue 6 Nov
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15:30 - 17:00: Demonstrations - Bugs at Solar
Chair(s): Hoan NguyenIowa State University
fse-2018-Demonstration15:30 - 15:52
Anastasia Reinhardt, Tianyi ZhangUniversity of California, Los Angeles, Mihir MathurUniversity of California, Los Angeles, Miryung KimUniversity of California, Los Angeles
fse-2018-Demonstration15:52 - 16:15
Junwen Yang, Cong Yan, Pranav Subramaniam, Shan LuUniversity of Chicago, Alvin CheungUniversity of Washington
fse-2018-Demonstration16:15 - 16:37
Jinru Hua, Mengshi ZhangUniversity of Texas at Austin, USA, Kaiyuan Wang, Sarfraz KhurshidUniversity of Texas at Austin
fse-2018-Demonstration16:37 - 17:00
Louis-Philippe QuerelConcordia University, Peter RigbyConcordia University, Montreal, Canada