Call for Papers

ESEC/FSE 2018 will continue partnership with prestigious Software Engineering journals to incorporate journal-first papers into its research program. Authors of journal-first papers accepted in the partnering journals are invited to submit their work to be presented at ESEC/FSE 2018. This will allow authors of journal-first papers to present their work to the community.

The journals that support the journal-first model as partners with ESEC/FSE 2018 are:

  • IEEE Transaction of Software Engineering (IEEE TSE)

  • ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM)

  • Empirical Software Engineering


A journal-first paper submitted to ESEC/FSE 2018 must adhere to the following criteria:

  • The paper must have been already accepted by one of the journals from the above list and the original version of the paper must have been submitted to such journal no earlier than December 1st 2016.

  • The paper is in the scope of the conference.

  • The paper reports completely new research results or presents novel contributions that significantly extend and were not previously reported in prior work.

  • The paper does not extend prior work solely with additional proofs or algorithms (or other such details presented for completeness), additional empirical results, or minor enhancements or variants of the results presented in the prior work.

  • The paper has not been presented at, and is not under consideration for, journal-first programs of other conferences.

How to submit

Authors of manuscripts that respect the above criteria are invited to submit a presentation proposal consisting of paper title, authors, abstract, and a pointer to the original journal paper. Moreover, they should include a justification on how the paper meets the eligibility criteria regarding the originality of the paper with respect to previous work of the authors presented at other conferences. If this is not applicable, authors must make an explicit statement about this. The submission (proposal and eligibility justification) must not exceed one page.

Proposals must be submitted electronically through the submission site available at:


Authors will be invited to present their paper at ESEC/FSE 2018 after a check that the paper is in scope to the conference. As the papers have been already reviewed and accepted by the journals, they will not be reviewed again for technical content.

Our plan is to include in the journal first program as many papers as possible; only in case an exceptionally high number of proposals is received, not all submissions might be selected. If needed, presentation proposals will be prioritized according to fit to the conference theme and structure of sessions.

Important Dates

  • Submission: May 30, 2018

  • Notification: June 30, 2018

  • Submissions close at 23:59 AoE (Anywhere on Earth, UTC-12)


At least one author of each presentation accepted for the journal-first program must register and attend the conference to present the paper.

The journal-first manuscripts are published through the journals and will not be part of the ESEC/FSE 2018 proceedings. The journal-first papers will be listed in the conference program and ESEC/FSE 2018 participants will have access to the paper abstracts and a pointer to the journal publication outside the conference proceedings.