ESEC/FSE hosting a new initiative that aims to take SE research artifacts to the next level. The ROSE festival is a world-wide salute to replication and reproducibility in SE. At the time of this writing, similar events are being considered for RE’19, ICSE’19, ESEC/FSE’19 and ESEM’19.

Our aim is to create a venue where researchers can receive public credit for facilitating and participating in open science in SE (specifically, in creating replicated and reproduced results). ROSE is needed since most current conferences only evaluate research artifacts generated by that venue’s accepted papers. This makes it difficult for research papers to earn credit for replication and reproduction by other researchers (since no other team of researchers has yet to see this new result).

Enter ROSE. ROSE is a 90 minute session comprising lightning talks by researchers presenting replicated and reproduced results, followed by a panel discussing issues of replication in software engineering. Presentations can be about any prior SE publication (and is not restricted just to results from ESEC/FSE’18). Journal special issues are being planned to take the better ROSE-results to an archival publication.

So come to ROSE! Submit to ROSE! And for more information, please see

Wed 7 Nov

15:30 - 17:00: ROSE Festival 2018 - ROSE Festival at Horizons 5
rosefest-201815:30 - 17:00

Call for Presentations


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