Mon 5 Nov 2018 11:24 - 11:42 at Sandy Lake - A-TEST II

Mutation testing is the state-of-the-art technique for assessing the fault-detection capacity of a test suite. Unfortunately, mutation testing consumes enormous computing resources because it runs the whole test suite for each and every injected mutant. In this paper we explore fine-grained traceability links at method level (named \emph{focal methods}), to reduce the execution time of mutation testing and to verify the quality of the test cases for each individual method, instead of the usually verified overall test suite quality. Validation of our approach on the open source Apache Ant project shows a speed-up of 573.5x for the mutants located in focal methods with a quality score of 80%.

Mon 5 Nov
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10:30 - 12:00: A-TEST - A-TEST II at Sandy Lake
fse-2018-A-TEST10:30 - 10:48
David AdamoUltimate Software, USA, Md Khorrom KhanUniversity of North Texas, USA, Sreedevi KoppulaUniversity of North Texas, USA, Renée BryceUniversity of North Texas, USA
fse-2018-A-TEST10:48 - 11:06
Shogo TakakuraKwansei Gakuin University, Japan, Mitsuyoshi IwatsujiKwansei Gakuin University, Japan, Nagisa IshiuraKwansei Gakuin University
fse-2018-A-TEST11:06 - 11:24
Ákos KissUniversity of Szeged, Hungary, Renáta HodovánUniversity of Szeged, Hungary, Tibor GyimóthyUniversity of Szeged, Hungary
fse-2018-A-TEST11:24 - 11:42
Sten VercammenUniversity of Antwerp, Belgium, Mohammad GhafariUniversity of Bern, Serge DemeyerUniversity of Antwerp, Belgium, Markus BorgRISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB
fse-2018-A-TEST11:42 - 12:00
Thi Anh Tuyet VuongKeio University, Japan, Shingo TakadaKeio University, Japan