On Wednesday, November 7, we were originally scheduled to have a keynote by Dave Lang of Iron Galaxy Studios. Unfortunately, due to an illness in his family, Dave Lang is unable to give his keynote as scheduled.

Dr. Tim Menzies, a professor at North Carolin State University has graciously stepped in to give a keynote on Wednesday. His talk is titled “In the age of Software 2.0, what role for software engineers?”.

Tim Menzies (Ph.D., UNSW, 1995) is a full Professor in CS at North Carolina State University where he teaches software engineering, automated software engineering, and foundations of software science. He is the directory of the RAISE lab (real world AI for SE). that explores SE, data mining, AI, search-based SE, and open access science.

He is the author of over 250 referred publications and editor of three recent books summarized the state of the art in software analytics. In his career, he has been a lead researcher on projects for NSF, NIJ, DoD, NASA, USDA, as well as joint research work with private companies. For 2002 to 2004, he was the software engineering research chair at NASA’s software Independent Verification and Validation Facility.

Prof. Menzies is/has been is an associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, ACM Transactions on Software Engineering Methodologies, Empirical Software Engineering, the Automated Software Engineering Journal the Big Data Journal, Information Software Technology, IEEE Software, and the Software Quality Journal. In 2015, he served as co-chair for the ICSE’15 NIER track. He has served as co-general chair of ICSME’16 and co-PC-chair of SSBSE’17, and ASE’12. For more, see his vita (http://menzies.us/pdf/MenziesCV.pdf or his list of publicationshttp://tiny.cc/timpubs) or his home page http://menzies.us.

The registration on Sunday and Monday is just outside the room “Solar”. This room is on the Mezzanine level, one floor above the lobby. The easiest way to find the room is to go up the staircase just to the right (east) of the front desk in the lobby, and it will take you directly to the room.

Note that Solar is one floor above the rooms where the workshops are occuring on Sunday and Monday.

On Tuesday through Thursday, registration will be in the Horizons Ballroom, which is also on the Mezzanine level, so up the same stairs from the lobby.

The Mezzanine level is also where the Lakeview restaurant is located.

There have been some small changes to the program since it was sent to the printer, which you might note in your copy.

WASPI workshop start time

The WASPI workshop will start at 9:00am instead of 8:30am.

A-TEST and SWAN workshop rooms

The rooms for the A-TEST and SWAN workshops (on Nov. 5) were swapped, so now A-TEST is in the Sandy Lake room and SWAN is in Rock Lake.

Reordering of the NIER II session

The talk that was formerly the 3rd from last talk in the NIER II session, “Salient-Class Location: Help Developers Understand Code Change in Code Review”, has been moved to be the last talk in that session, due to the speaker’s traval issues.

Session chair for the Models session

The session chair for the Nov. 8 10:30 session on Models is Mauricio Aniche. This is incorrect in the printed program.

Session chair for the Formal Analysis session

The session chair for the Nov. 6 10:30 session of the Industry track named “Formal Analysis” is Christian Bird; this was incorrect in the printed program.

Substitute Keynote on WednesdayWed 7 Nov 2018
Registration is on the Mezzanine level.Sun 4 Nov 2018
Corrections to the programThu 1 Nov 2018