The ACM Joint European Software Engineering Conference and Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE) is an internationally renowned forum for researchers, practitioners, and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, experiences, and challenges in the field of software engineering. Formerly the FSE conference in alternating years and ESEC/FSE in other years, ESEC/FSE is now the new name of this annual conference series. The ESEC/FSE conference brings together experts from academia and industry to exchange the latest research results and trends, as well as their practical application in all areas of software engineering.

Thanks to our sponsors, ACM and SIGSOFT, and to all of our supporters!

  • Industry and Demonstrations camera ready due date: September 10
  • Research Papers, NIER, and SRC camera ready due date: September 14
  • Conference · November 4th-9th, 2018
Day Date Events
Sunday Nov. 4 NL4SE and EnSEmble workshops
Monday Nov. 5 JPF, A-TEST, and SWAN workshops, doctoral symposium
Tuesday Nov. 6 Main conference (keynote, research papers, journal-first, NIER, industry, SRC), Town Hall Meeting, Reception
Wednesday Nov. 7 Main conference (keynote, research papers, journal-first, NIER, industry, SRC, ROSE), Banquet
Thursday Nov. 8 Main conference (keynote, research papers, journal-first)
Friday Nov. 9 WASPI workshop

See the session timeline for a more detailed overview of the conference’s sessions. Also see the complete program online for a program you can personalize to your own preferences and all the details. You can also get a PDF of the complete program, if you can’t wait for your copy that you will receive at registration.

The papers for the conference are in the ACM Digital Library and can be seen by following the relevant link below and then clicking on the rightmost tab named “Table of Contents”. The workshop papers will only appear once the conference has started (on Nov. 5):

The ESEC/FSE Test of Time award for 2018 (for papers from 2008) goes to the following two papers: